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ubytovaní na Šumavě
Every year we do a few fishing trips away from the Otava. We have carefully chosen best fishing areas and good lodges. In places like Poland and Austria we do feel a bit like at home. There is also the Vltava river in the Czech Republic which offers good trout fishing. If you want to join us on a trip to any of these countries we can guarantee good local knowledge and years of experience.
wellness na šumavě
Flies we use on the Otava river are made by my excellent friend, owner of Polishquills company and of beautiful lodge on the river San in Poland, Mr. Wojtek Gibinsky. Some flies are also produced by local binders. More on www.polishquills.com.
restaurace na šumavě
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Šumava okolí
The hotel offers a full service of a 4-star hotel, including wellness & spa, bowling bar and facilities for the angler / drying room for waders, etc. There are double rooms or three-bed rooms. There are also two-storey apartments for 4 people. Restaurant "a la carte" will satisfy your taste buds and you can enjoy both local and international cuisine. More on www.hotelannin.com

About us

Let me introduce to you a place in the heart of Europe which soon became loved by many fishermen from all over the world. The Czech Republic, and especially its Šumava region, is not only a paradise for fly fishing lovers but above all a place with beautiful nature that will embrace you and never let you forget it. The Šumava National Park crossed by the Otava river, offers unforgettable atmosphere, which is one of the reasons why our clients like to return here. The articulation of the river and its variability brings many fishing adventures and provides what we fishermen like most – a possibility to restore peace of mind, merge with the nature and find oneself. This is one of the origins of the idea to build Annin Hotel close to the river and give you all you look for here. In cooperation with my brother David we will prepare a programme tailored to your dreams and show you the best places on our rivers.

Patrik Jedlicka

About hotel Annín

In the surroundings of Hotel Annín in Šumava intact nature of Kašperk mountains, crystal clear river Otava, scented forests and many possibilities how to spend leisure time wait for you. Accommodation in our wellness hotel in Šumava is simply an experience you will remember for a long time.

You want to walk through the beautiful landscape of Šumava? Do you plan to spend a quiet holiday in Šumava or to organize a corporate event? Book your room in Wellness Hotel Annin, which offers comfortable facilities for any occasion. Winters are as beautiful as summers – therefore we offer accommodation in Šumava whole year through.