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flyfishing in the virgin nature, in the best rivers in the Czech Republic
ubytovaní na Šumavě
There are two big fly fishing rivers flowing from Šumava mountains: Otava which is formed by the confluence of two tributaries Křemelná and Vydra and drainages North-West part of the mountains; and Vltava river, which flows to the South-East and had three main sources Cold Vltava, Algae Vltava and Warm Vltava. Fish stock gradually changes according to natural conditions from mountains to lowlands, from brown trout waters through the grayling waters finishing with the mixed fish stock complemented by coarse fish like chub, dace, barbell and perch and pike. These two rivers with tributaries create fly-fishing paradise of 250 km of rivers where you can catch wild fish in pure nature as well as stocked trophy fish in trophy parts. For more information scroll down this page.
wellness na šumavě
Our team created by two heads and experienced guides offers you perfect fly fishing holidays. You can chose from our fly fishing packages or we can prepare service according to your requests. Within our competition programme, we focus on organisation of international and local fly fishing competitions and we also organise special camps for competitors. We don’t forget to pay attention to our youths; we are sponsors of the Czech Youth Fly Fishing Team and we also provide them our lodge for summer camps.
restaurace na šumavě
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Šumava okolí
The hotel offers a full service of a 4-star hotel, including wellness & spa, bowling bar and facilities for the angler / drying room for waders, etc. There are double rooms or three-bed rooms. There are also two-storey apartments for 4 people. Restaurant "a la carte" will satisfy your taste buds and you can enjoy both local and international cuisine. More on www.hotelannin.com